Why Arcticold Food?

In our industry, it’s about forging relationships. We travel, work and live in China, and we’ve spent years navigating the market of 1.3 billion potential customers. Our sales and sourcing teams have partnered with some of the largest retailers and food producers in the world, including working with frozen and chilled foods, infant and toddler food products, as well as premium produce. We will bring our vast connections to you.

Overseas Sourcing Team

Arcticold has established an American office in Bentonville, Arkansas, geographically central in the U.S., as well as home to a number of the world’s largest food players. Having a U.S. office is important for a number of reasons. We are firm believers that having face-to-face interaction with the major food suppliers strengthens relationships. We believe that as a global company, our customers and vendors shouldn’t abide by one set of business hours half a world away. We believe with staffing in the United States, Hong Kong and China, Arcticold is dedicated to monitor our customer’s operations with meticulousness and precision, at any time, from any place.

Research & Development Team

China is the great untapped market for premium imported foods. With an eye for cultural and aesthetic considerations, your entry into the market can be even more desirable to Chinese consumers. Arcticold’s dedicated Research and Development team combines exhaustive market research with a deep knowledge of Chinese customer tastes to ensure your product stands out and gets attention. We stay ahead of trends, scouring trade publications and social media. We speak daily to our network of buyers about what’s popular and emerging. We conduct on-site retail visits to study shelf space analytics. We offer a food tasting enhancement program, as well as design custom packaging to help cater your product to the Chinese market. Arcticold is more than a cold-chain logistics company. It’s about emotional connection with customers. We help make your products relatable.

Safe Hands

Our supply chain philosophy is all about efficiency, transparency and responsiveness. With Arcticold, no longer will you need to outsource your logistic services — we are your all-in-one, cost-competitive solution, from importing to storage to direct-to-store delivery. Track your shipment anytime to the kilometer with our fleet of 400 (and growing) GPS-equipped temperature-controlled trucks. Using our forthcoming proprietary MIS, take control of your inventory data from the convenience of a smartphone. And with our eight state-of-the-art warehouse facilities throughout China, know your product is never far away from its final destination, and always in safe hands. Throughout the process, our service is certified by the highest oversight standards of HACCP.