Information transparency is vital in maintaining a dynamic and responsive supply chain. Arcticold utilizes premier MIS so customers can have complete ownership over their products in China. Inventory data can be managed at any time through a web-enabled computer, device, or tablet.


Achieve total transportation visibility by tracking distribution in real time. Each truck is equipped with GPS tracking so you can see exactly where your shipment is during transportation.

Customer Portal

Take control of your inventory through our web-based portal. Create, change and cancel orders with any web-enabled device. View inventory across all warehouses and trucks in real time. Perform ad hoc analysis into your supply chain to gain deeper insight.

KPI Reporting

Build reports to analyze supply chain performance and identify opportunities for improvement, including inventory status that can be used to determine replenishment needs.

Event Notification

Receive email or text updates as shipments reach milestones through the supply chain. Our notification tool immediately informs you of issues that may arise, so you may make actionable decisions within minutes.

Data Recovery

All data across regions is backed up in Arcticold’sMIS to ensure data security and reliability. In addition, our private host server offers significant scale-up on processing power, ensuring the best performance.

Temperature Monitoring

Ensure that the cold chain has been maintained through storage and distribution. Ambient temperature and pallet temperature reporting options are available based upon compliance requirements.