Arcticold Food to bring high-quality American pork hind feet to Walmart China

December 29, 2016

HONG KONG (9 December, 2016) — Arcticold Food Ltd. announced today that it will begin selling pork hind feet, a delicacy revered in Chinese cooking, to Walmart China. The business relationship will bring the high-quality American pork product to 423 Walmart China locations.

The sales agreement between Arcticold, one of China’s fastest growing cold chain logistics and food importers, and Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is a natural match, said Arcticold executive director Calvin Wong.

“Pork hind feet is an extremely versatile, affordable and tasty cut of pork that the Chinese have enjoyed for centuries,” Wong said. “To be able to introduce this delicious American grain-fed pork to Walmart’s loyal customers is a privilege.”

Arcticold’s pork hind feet is USDA-certified and comes from single-sourced, grain-fed hogs. Known for its gelatinous qualities, this pork cooks exceptionally juicy and succulent. It’s a cut especially popular in Northern China, where the cold climate is ideal for braising with clay pots with soy sauce and star anise.

To celebrate the product, Arcticold will hold a special promotion at Walmart China stores from mid-December through Chinese New Year in late January. On hand will be in-store culinary ambassadors showcasing the quality of the product — from the rigorous safety standards used to bring the pork to China, to Arcticold’s cold chain advantage, to the exceptional quality of the hind feet itself.



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