About Us

Arcticold is the all-in-one solution to import your high-quality foods into China and the world’s largest populace. From sourcing to design to distribution, Arcticold brings multinational expertise with dedicated team members in Hong Kong, China and the U.S.

Once your products reach China, Arcticold offers world-class temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics services. We utilize cutting-edge technologies in our facilities, fleets and MIS systems to provide customers with unparalleled operational excellence and transparency.

Mission statement

Arcticold strives to help food importers to successfully navigate the Chinese market, while delivering the most dynamic logistics services.

Arcticold believes in transparency, efficiency and care for our customers’ product. To become an effective distribution partner, we believe in earning trust. Establishing personal relationships with our customers is what will set us apart from others. We set ourselves apart from the competition with these commitments:


Successful supply chains are able to adapt to situations in real time. Our customers can access real time information about their inventory from our web based portal and respond to the market efficiently and seamlessly.

Extensive distribution network

A comprehensive and strategic network of modern warehouses across China, designed to reach key markets.

High quality standards

HACCP and ISO 22000 principles are utilized to ensure that all products are handled at the highest quality and safety.

International experience

With extensive experience in delivering services to international companies entering China, we know how to ensure that customer’s interests are covered in unfamiliar markets.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of Takson Holdings, we have the credibility and accountability that comes from being a publicly traded company.


We are not a faceless conglomerate that treats customers as account numbers. We are a team that believes, above all else, a business relationship should be a collaboration, not a one-way transaction.